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Our asset integrity and maintenance service involves the regular inspection and maintenance of infrastructure to proactively help customers avoid costly system failures.

We have built our success on our technical expertise and reliability; our engineers are competent and experienced in building planned maintenance programmes that are client and asset specific. Starting with equipment listings, GA’s and safety case requirements, we compile equipment schedules and develop planned maintenance routines relating to each specific type of plant or equipment.

By applying maintenance/inspection frequencies, together with hourly allocations, we determine a complete planned maintenance schedule that ensures the effective operation of all asset safety critical systems.

Client visibility reporting system

Our technical and engineering teams have developed a unique visibility reporting system (CVRS) that is designed to provide clients real time visibility and control of day-to-day safety management.

This bespoke, intelligent and user-friendly web-based safety management system allows users to identify and highlight high risk areas or equipment using intelligent safety inspections and accident/incident reporting.

CVRS utilises existing equipment tag numbers and allocated unique quick response codes to each tagged item. These codes can then be scanned to provide all relevant data for the piece of equipment.

We believe CVRS represents a significant step forward for asset integrity and maintenance. The solution provides a user-friendly reporting system that monitors on real time equipment which will protect, detect, and prevent clients’ high-risk assets from fire incidents.


Detailed design and engineering by our experienced personnel to deliver the best solution possible

It is the depth of expertise, particularly in reference to fire safety systems that differentiates our engineering and design teams from any other fire protection manufacturer.

Our engineering and design team is always happy to advise clients on the best options for their project and having such a wide range of knowledge and experience, substantial savings are frequently made.

Our clients choose to partner with us and trust that our people will deliver safe and efficient support throughout all stages of project installation, commissioning and operation.

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