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Since establishment in 2006, we have been installing, repairing, replacing, and upgrading pipework to a high quality standard. We use the latest techniques that minimise impact on the environment while maximising efficiency to bring cost, safety, quality and timescale benefits to our clients.

Many onshore and offshore facilities are now over 30 years old and, in terms of design life, have surpassed all original expectations. Components degrade and/or corrade over time and as part of condition-based operations, performance standards exist to assist in defining the point at which components need to be replaced or repaired.To further increase safety and reduce costs, we used our expertise and experience to develop new technology that makes significant enhancements for construction of flexible piping, FLEX-FLO™.

Specifically developed for firewater deluge in asset life extension (ALE) and decommissioning projects, FLEX-FLO is equally suitable for new build or existing oil & gas production, chemical processing, marine vessel, drilling and well testing heat radiation shielding, renewable energy or other industrial applications.

We work with clients to establish existing levels of deluge protection, future needs and identify remedial actions to optimise their firewater deluge systems. This may involve inspections, cleaning and replacement of pipework. Where the cost v benefit analysis establishes the advantages of a low maintenance, corrosion free flexible pipework solution, FLEX-FLO is quick to install, doesn’t require production shutdown and provides flexibility when alterations are required.

Case study
Deluge system replacement for an ageing asset in the North sea


Detailed design and engineering by our experienced personnel to deliver the best solution possible

It is the depth of expertise, particularly in reference to fire safety systems that differentiates our engineering and design teams from any other fire protection manufacturer.

Our engineering and design team is always happy to advise clients on the best options for their project and having such a wide range of knowledge and experience, substantial savings are frequently made.

Our clients choose to partner with us and trust that our people will deliver safe and efficient support throughout all stages of project installation, commissioning and operation.

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