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Our design and engineering teams have a proud history of creating and developing world leading concepts and solutions that detect, prevent, and protect clients’ high-risk assets from incipient leaks and fugitive emissions which may result in an accumulation of flammable gases that have the potential to create fire and explosive incidents.

Smoke and flammable gas leaks pose a huge threat to property, the environment and human life. We offer a comprehensive range of products and technologies that facilitate early alarms to enable mitigation of an incident. Utilising gas detectors, flame detectors, natural gas alarms, we provide exceptional detection systems to diminish the frequency, probability and severity of a fire incident.

We provide a diverse range of protection solutions to suppress and extinguish fires and protect client assets that includes deluge systems, helideck systems and foam and gaseous suppression systems. We are uniquely positioned in providing a full consultancy service from concept studies to FEED, pre-engineering and detailed design. Our design and engineering expertise extends from full system design supported by hydraulic calculations to 3D walkthrough models enabling clients to visualise the proposed scheme.

All projects are delivered under ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards and an approved project management process that ensures the highest levels of quality and safety are delivered throughout each phase.

Case study
Offshore windfarm fire protection and detection system
Case study
Fire suppression design, supply and install for a copper mine in Democratic Republic of Congo


Detailed design and engineering by our experienced personnel to deliver the best solution possible

It is the depth of expertise, particularly in reference to fire safety systems that differentiates our engineering and design teams from any other fire protection manufacturer.

Our engineering and design team is always happy to advise clients on the best options for their project and having such a wide range of knowledge and experience, substantial savings are frequently made.

Our clients choose to partner with us and trust that our people will deliver safe and efficient support throughout all stages of project installation, commissioning and operation.

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