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Using our multi-disciplined teams that have the skills, technology, and resources to deliver the most challenging and complex projects, we provide a full project management service for your installation.

From an initial fire risk assessment through to the installation or replacement of fire safety systems, we carry out professional, efficient, and high-quality installations onshore, offshore or in remote locations.

Our installation team has decades of experience and holds full offshore safety survival certification as a minimum. We are trained and equipped to operate across a range of sectors and ensure our clients assets comply with fire regulations and maintain structural fire integrity in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Offshore windfarm fire protection and detection system


Detailed design and engineering by our experienced personnel to deliver the best solution possible

It is the depth of expertise, particularly in reference to fire safety systems that differentiates our engineering and design teams from any other fire protection manufacturer.

Our engineering and design team is always happy to advise clients on the best options for their project and having such a wide range of knowledge and experience, substantial savings are frequently made.

Our clients choose to partner with us and trust that our people will deliver safe and efficient support throughout all stages of project installation, commissioning and operation.

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