Project case study

Deluge system replacement for an ageing asset in the North sea



Blaze was approached by a client who had an ageing asset in terms of design life. Components had degraded and corroded over time. Replacement of the whole existing deluge system was required without imposing downtime for plant or production.


Using our fire-resistant piping system, FLEX-FLO™, we were able to allow operations to continue for 12 months with no lost time. With a focus on cost, safety, and quality, the system was put together with hand tools, not requiring any hot works, which allowed full production to continue.

Pipe replacement

Since establishment in 2006 we have been installing, repairing, replacing and upgrading pipework to high quality standards. We use the latest techniques that minimise environmental impact while maximising efficiency to deliver cost, safety, quality and timescale benefits to our clients.

We routinely work with clients to establish existing levels of deluge protection, future needs and identify remedial actions to optimise their firewater deluge systems. This may involve inspections, cleaning, and replacement of pipework.

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