Mearns Academy cross-country runners blaze a trail

Commentary - Mar 2018

Mearns Academy cross-country runners blaze a trail


Pupils from the Mearns Academy cross-country team have been kitted out in style by a donation of t-shirts from Blaze Manufacturing Solutions and Grampian Growers.

The club meets once a week, after school, starting with warm-up exercises and finishing with a three-kilometre run on the cross-country course. The club encourages participants to work towards personal bests without putting pressure on them. Staff also join in and run the course and as a club they enter various competitions including Run Balmoral which takes place in April.

Handing over the t-shirts to the pupils today (Thursday 22 March) was Blaze Finance Director Ann Johnson and Grampian Growers Production Manager Fergus Kelly.

Ann, who also works closely with Mearns Academy through the Young Workforce Flagship Partnership said, “We are keen to work with the local community to nurture the next generation of workforce and that includes encouraging them to be active.

“The club is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to work as a team, encourage each other and keep fit.”

Fergus Kelly said, “Grampian Growers have had a strong link with Mearns Academy over many decades and we are delighted to assist with the donation of t-shirts for the cross-country team.”

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